Facebook Autoer bulk Feature video tutorial

[Facebook Autoer Feature List & amp; action Videos]

  • Quickly bulk get a list of the groups you’ve joined, a list of friends, a list of Fans ‘ homepage …
  • Keyword Search Group, check status, bulk Join/exit Group, group type, member count, condition filtering, turn on/off group notifications, group communications need to be audited …
  • Pull friends into groups with bulk invitations
  • Publish text/links, single/multiple images, or marketing information to groups in bulk, or even publish albums to groups.
  • Post pictures or graphics + videos to groups, friends dynamic walls, fan homepage, personal dynamic walls.
  • Live automatic scheduling (specify local-side video)
  • Share stickers to groups, fan owners, friends dynamic walls, personal homepage
  • Automatically reply to your profile, fan page posting reviews/private messages (support for specifying replies through specific keywords)
  • Automatically accept friend invitations, invite to join groups, and fan homepage to invite
  • Bulk Auto To specify user stickers, group stickers, fan page stickers to praise
  • Automatic poke (Poke) friends, automatically happy birthday to friends, naturally increase the rate of account interaction.
  • Add accounts individually or in bulk to support a variety of login methods: Login using a browser, analog mobile phone (Android or IOS app) login, Cookies login, Token login.
  • Post a specified or random tag (Tag) friend.
  • Post information, single or multiple pictures to personal dynamics or friend dynamics.
  • Send private messages to friends in bulk.
  • Support random sending of messages, links, pictures, videos, to prevent Facebook from detecting as spam.
  • Buy and sell groups add sales stickers
  • Share stickers/albums to groups, Fan homepage, friend timeline …
  • Keyword searches for user names and automatically sends friends invitations to users. Bulk cancel a friend invitation that has been sent. Retrieve a friend invitation, which can be accepted or rejected in bulk.
  • Keyword Find fan homepage and get fan homepage information (such as number of fans, website, email, phone). Bulk invite friends to praise the fan homepage.
  • Publish information and pictures to your fan home page.
  • Auto Top Group Sticker (Put your sticker on the group to the top of the group dynamic).
  • Search activity (Event). Participate in events, bulk invite friends to participate in the event.
    . Publish information, single photo to activity (Event).
  • Automatic scheduling stickers are posted anywhere (groups, fan homepage, friends news, private messages, reviews).
  • Automatically bulk join the group.
  • Supports setting task scheduling intervals to reduce Facebook detection chances.
  • Support for bulk Facebook accounts (no upper limit). The proxy agent is supported for each account. Each account can manage operations independently.


1 software basic settings and add accounts

2 Basic Introduction to Features

3 Introduction to the type of sticker

4 Number and scheduling

5 Scheduling Template Guide Settings

6 Get a list of friends, groups, and fan pages

7 Accept and cancel friend requests

8 Capture users and add friends

9 Get Friends Mailbox & amp; phone

10 Friends Private Message

11 automatically reply to friends ‘ private messages and scheduling

12 Join the group with mass stickers

13 Find the latest stickers released in the group

14 Auto Push (top) group sticker

15 Bulk pull friends into the group

16 Batch to fan homepage, stickers to praise and track users

17 Invite friends to praise the fan homepage

18 home page Messages & amp; scheduling

19 Fan homepage messages & amp; scheduling

20 Auto Reply Fan homepage comments, private messages & amp; scheduling

21 Publish Product Album stickers

22 Greetings (Poke) and birthday greetings (Happy Birthday) Schedule

23 Collect post Comment users

24 tags (Tag) friends

25 Events (event) search, participate, invite

26 Live video Scheduling

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